Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hats for Japan

Joining Ginny at small things for the Knit for Japan

Adult sized in Barley, wool-ease which I find is disappointingly only like 10% wool, I still like the yarn but it is not what I wanted. 

In Sumptuous Brown acrylic yarn. Very soft and thick.
Mom said I needed to stop using dark depressing colors - I thought I was picking neutrals that would work with whatever they already had - but I decided to take her advice not that you can tell in this shot.  This is lion brand Portland Wine.

This one is Green Mountains also Lion Brand.
So I have four done (nearly as I have to chain the ties on one yet) not sure how many I will get to yet as I am running out of time on other projects.  Here are the ones I have done on my amazing stand.


  1. What a lovely blog you have. I love those hats. Thanks for coming over to visit my blog and leaving your comment. I will certainly be back to visit you some more.