Friday, May 27, 2011

Heartsore, weary, and wary

Herb garden outside the Tavern
Percheron foal.
 I am feeling all three and it has put me off of writing for a while.  I am involved with a wonderful organization but the longer I am associated the more I wonder if that is the best thing.  I see so many careless (or worse) errors standing in the way of their mission and can not help but wonder if it is a lack of caring or just a lack of organization at the heart of it.  Some of these problems are large and some very minor, but I feel like if this were my full-time gift to the world and the generations that follow which many of those active feel it is, I would be horrified - I am - at all my efforts wasted in such a way.  I am active but live far away so my day involvement is not full-time. Maybe I should not complain, maybe they are just not seeing the problems, maybe if I point them out they would be horrified and correct them or maybe it is easier to allow them to continue.  None of the problems endanger anyone's life or safety, some of them are picky and easily solved. 

I am being vague as I do not feel it is fair of me to be openly critical of them.  I have been muttering under my breath about this all week.  Should I being the problems and my criticisms to their attention?  Should I let it go and enjoy the place as best as I can? or Should I just walk away? 

 I am disillusioned again.  I view myself as cynical and jaded but keep finding out I have a much more pollyanna outlook and it hurts me to have these illusions taken from me.  I want everyone to want to do their best at their chosen field, and love it enough to do it without pay or recompense.  I want science for science's sake and history to be accurate. 

Here are some animal photos from our weekend to lift us up after my distressing post.  
Rare breed sheep.

Bunny butts


  1. It's always hard when you want to help out someone, or something, and it is like trying to move a mountain. I would probably gingerly mention the issues at hand. If they are brought to the attention of others they'll either fix the problems or just ignore them. It's a gamble, but you might feel better afterward.

    Love the pictures.

    Be well.

  2. Thanks! I think I will make a little time to mention the problems I am seeing next time I am there, if they are not addressed I guess I have my answer.