Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yarn along - a little progress.

I am Joining along with Ginny and the other wonderful crafty women at the yarn along, check out what everyone is working on.  Thank you ladies for the inspiration and the pseudo deadline!

I have gotten a lot more reading, gardening and housework done than knitting or other crafts this week.  I went to the Library last week to grab a book for Beaver - his paper was due the next morning and he had not even gotten a book for research!  Needless to say I was irritated and in a rush.  But I managed to get him three books that would work for his paper on Anime, renew the boys card, pay my fine (overdue) and Butterfly's fine (Badger ripped up a book checked out on her sister's card,) and was feeling quite accomplished.  I spot a rack of paperbacks and figured I would grab some for myself really quickly.  I grabbed alright.  About 7 books by Linda Howard, 1 by Kay Hooper, and 2 by Karen Harper - you can tell what rack I was on!

I am on the 4th Linda Howard and read the Kay Hooper book this week as well.  This one is Son of the Morning - a good versus evil, time traveling story about a linguistic anthropologist.  I am enjoying myself. 

Knitting wise I am working on the rug still, some how I stopped mid way through a row and did not get back to it for several days by which time I could not remember which way I was going and was certain I was wrong.  I worried for a while and decided - it's a rug, just get going.  I was going in the right direction, anyway. 

I am also working on the Loomed sweater for Mouse - shown is a sleeve - I don't know how much yarn this will take so I am doing the sleeves to match then if I have to get another yarn it can just coordinate with them. 

I also started my hat for Japan!  I am doing this cap.  It is super fast (part of my plan!) but I am enjoying it.  I chose a wool blend Lion Brand wool-ease in Barley figuring it would be warm, washable and go with most colors.  Hoping to get a couple done but we shall see as I really need to get my cousin's wedding quilt done too. 


  1. Oh I do like that rug ... but it's in slip stitch isn't it? I start strong with slip-stitch and then end up fading away and putting the project aside! In fact, I currently have about 6" of a sideways ruana in slipstitch that may never see the light of day again!


  2. The Rug is from the Sugar and cream website and is seed stitch.