Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden News

First I have a helper - Beaver has agreed to tend my garden while I am digging for artifacts - in part this is because of the visitor in his garden but more on that in a different post. 

Shh... The Garden Gnome is napping....

Pepper plants are by each white stake.

Second, I got all the tomatoes and peppers in the ground!!! A friend always starts too many seeds, so he donates his orphans to the rest of us, threatening to compost post them if we don't take them.  So naturally we take them.  I am horrible at starting my own seeds - committing mass genocide year after year - this year I decided (and stuck to) not doing it.  I was planning on buying a few things and direct seeding everything, but due to the orphans I will not be buying any!

18 tomato plants in composting bed.

Horseradish blossoms

While digging them in a dear friend showed up suddenly and sat out in the garden planting and weeding, we even had the help of a passing Badger.  She is actually very patience and mostly helpful.  We also got a squash plant, a row of beans and a row of peas in the ground before going in to a yummie chicken stew Jim made.  After dinner and getting littles to bed, we sat up looking at wedding dress designs for her and planned.  I love that she never feels like company she shows up and I am gardening she joins in or just sits down and chats while I work, or whatever else I might be doing.  I walked into my messy kitchen and she helped the kids wash up for dinner while I got the dishes done.  It is always like that with her.  No judgment just affection. I am excited to be a part of her wedding next year and happy for her future.  I look forward to seeing her marry next year and start her life with a great man.  They are one of those couple where everyone can look at them and go well of course, they are perfect for each other!  I am hoping to put together a really stellar gift - hope chest filled with handmade stuff for the house.

A wonderful afternoon and evening.  The next morning I took these photos to share.

I hope your garden is growing well and your good friends know that they are welcome anytime! - Julia


  1. A gnome! How exciting. Chase has had a few pop up in his own garden and is tickled pink when more show up.

    Good luck with your gardening. And your friend sounds extremely special to have.

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