Thursday, June 2, 2011

On my mind...

These beauties are live about halfway between me and most everywhere I drive.  For three years we have measured distances by them, 'I am at the Swans' is a real reference for us.  Then about a month ago I stopped seeing them, there is plenty of other wildlife living here herons, cranes, ducks, geese, and at least two otters.  It is not a lake just a large pond with a road through it.  I assumed the DNR got to them or maybe some random act of meanness.   Then today there they are swimming with 2 new babies.  We were so excited!!!! This shot is taking through my passenger side window while I was driving (I was stopped) and does not do justice to them or my & my girls' joy at seeing them again.

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Walk with me.

Taking a walk in the garden(or farm) with Farmama.  You can join us, just post pictures of your garden or farm and a link at Farmama.

Plant us, please.  A blueberry and Raspberry.

The view from my back porch.

Chive blossoms

Horseradish Blossoms.  Anyone know if they are tasty?

Onions - red and yellow.

One of the poor sad grape vines that I planted then two days later it frosted.  Don't know if they will make it.

Badger's Garden - she has sooooo much planted I keep catching her digging in piles of seeds to get more.

Butterfly's Garden - I think those are radishes?
Rose trees - non a perspective issue they are taller than the house.

How does your garden grow? - Julia

A bit twisted.

Are you hungry? You will be.  We made these:

Beaver and Butterfly both helped, Beaver with rolling and shaping and Butterfly bringing them to me two at a time. 

Pretzels boiling.

Draining and salting station.

Ready for baking.
By morning they were gone.  Which is sad.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

yarn along - hats and rugs

Joining Ginny and the ladies of the yarn along this week at Small Things.  Check out what is on everyone's needles!
Mostly I have been working on hats for Japan which I posted pictures of here. 
I have to get to the pencil to finish the rug, I am at 15 inches and need 36. I have also realized I will need 6 more balls of yarn (beyond the 3 more I already had!) Shopping trip.  I have read a few novels this past week Karen Harper's The Hiding Place was gripping but mostly am reading blogs and prepping everything for my digs which will have me away from the house for a week at a time or just all day everyday.  Pre-housekeeping and planning.  My mother will be watching the children during the day most of the time, I want to make the kids each a lunch bag to take everyday.

Hope your plans and projects are going well!- Julia