Thursday, June 2, 2011

Walk with me.

Taking a walk in the garden(or farm) with Farmama.  You can join us, just post pictures of your garden or farm and a link at Farmama.

Plant us, please.  A blueberry and Raspberry.

The view from my back porch.

Chive blossoms

Horseradish Blossoms.  Anyone know if they are tasty?

Onions - red and yellow.

One of the poor sad grape vines that I planted then two days later it frosted.  Don't know if they will make it.

Badger's Garden - she has sooooo much planted I keep catching her digging in piles of seeds to get more.

Butterfly's Garden - I think those are radishes?
Rose trees - non a perspective issue they are taller than the house.

How does your garden grow? - Julia


  1. Lovely summery things happening in your garden. I am enjoying the cooler weather here after the very hot summer we had. Kate

  2. Enjoyed the walk round. i have blueberries patiently waiting to be planted too. Great to see your girls own gardens too - I loved my little patch when i was a child. x