Tuesday, February 23, 2016


 My Daddy whose heart lives here and in my mother's chest, who taught me what being a father meant so I could find that in a man for my own children, who would start to explain some thing I was learning in school and end up teaching me about something much bigger  - like great circle routes of navigation - who makes beautiful things, who works hard to save lives that come into his care, and is heart-sore when he can't help or when a patient reminds him too much of my sister or me, who is always there, is having surgery. His knee has given up, so it will be replaced with titanium, Making him Bionic Daddy.
This is him (behind him is my sister)
His surgery is at 7:30. Mom and I are waiting to hear he is okay. If you would hold him in your thoughts.

Thank you,

Monday, February 22, 2016

home and family

yummy salad I made last week, with blueberries, nuts, and goat cheese.
 My husband works from home. He's job is corporate and stressful. He spends lots of time on the phone, in meetings and fixing things. Planing things and what my daddy calls putting out fires. A lot of the time he will come out of his office - a 8 by 8 room in the corner of the house which contains the only south facing window and which I painted a sunny yellow - to fixed himself lunch and he will tell me about his day. Often, I really only understand the people/office politics aspects of his day, as what he does is super technical, and there are rules about what he can and can't talk about which he honors. He works really hard, often working straight until dinner and going back in after the kids are in bed. They get good value-I think-from his work ethic in exchange for him not having a long commute or us having to move. Sometimes I find it frustrating as it often seems that just as I start to work on something he comes out to make lunch or because I would like to have the music on or whatever. Sometimes we take for granted that he is always there.
This waffle was made from scratch, by Badger, who also decorated it.
Sometimes he has to travel for work - it used to be much more often - and my house is quiet. I could play music as loud as I want. I can make the bed (he hates having it tucked) but I sleep alone. I can leave half finished projects out, but they suddenly drive me crazy. I can get lots of things done, partially because I can't sleep. We miss him. It seems the house even misses him. Everything seems harder and lonely. Then he comes home and we fly into his arms and the hard and the lonely melt away. I am so glad he is -were he belongs- home with us, in a sunny yellow room in the corner of the house and later he'll sit opposite me at the table, ask the kids what their favorite part of the day was and really listen to their answers.

He got home Friday and even yet the light seems golden. Later I'll post about the things that got done whilst he wasn't home. Some at his request.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Garden Valentines

 My garden has started!!! I am trying to winter sow this year. Basically, you take milk bottles cut them out and turn them into mini green houses and plant your seeds inside. You put the whole mess outside in a sunny sheltered spot and ignore it. In theory come spring I should have plants ready and waiting. The post I read for this is here. I am trying some dye plants that I want to play with and as I collect more bottles I will start a few more things.
 Badger's Valentine box. The boxes had to be less the a foot square, have at least a 5 by 2 inch slit for cards and have at least one moving piece. This is what Badger with the help from mom, dad, and auntie made. The tail moves.
This is Butterfly's the slit is in the back and the jeans move so you can put the cards in. They also had to write out a meaningful appreciation on the card for each child in the class. Handwritten. The cards could be store bought or homemade but the child had to write something specific and caring to each classmate. They girls had quite a bit of help assembling the boxes. The did the painting and the paper mache, but we did the hot glue and structural work. What I really liked about this approach was that instead of a candy party sign it quick, the teachers made it be a design challenge and a change to think and express something nice about each classmate. 

I hope they brighten their classmates day and yours.
~ Julia

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yarn along - it's still Wednesday, right?

Swamped and hurting here - I slipped and fell and everything is hurting. The snow was prettier before I left the house.

Joining with Ginny and the other ladies of the Yarn Along.

 Two books I am reading right now, the novel is a fast read and the guide may end up living in my bag all the time.
 Butterfly's sweater is coming along.The body is done, now on to the sleeves. I am hoping to find a two color fair isle pattern flowers. I am really starting to like the yarn again.
The weather blanket. The safety pin marks the end of January.