Tuesday, February 23, 2016


 My Daddy whose heart lives here and in my mother's chest, who taught me what being a father meant so I could find that in a man for my own children, who would start to explain some thing I was learning in school and end up teaching me about something much bigger  - like great circle routes of navigation - who makes beautiful things, who works hard to save lives that come into his care, and is heart-sore when he can't help or when a patient reminds him too much of my sister or me, who is always there, is having surgery. His knee has given up, so it will be replaced with titanium, Making him Bionic Daddy.
This is him (behind him is my sister)
His surgery is at 7:30. Mom and I are waiting to hear he is okay. If you would hold him in your thoughts.

Thank you,


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    1. Thank you! It went very well and he is healing nicely. At home where he wanted to be.