Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yarn along - it's still Wednesday, right?

Swamped and hurting here - I slipped and fell and everything is hurting. The snow was prettier before I left the house.

Joining with Ginny and the other ladies of the Yarn Along.

 Two books I am reading right now, the novel is a fast read and the guide may end up living in my bag all the time.
 Butterfly's sweater is coming along.The body is done, now on to the sleeves. I am hoping to find a two color fair isle pattern flowers. I am really starting to like the yarn again.
The weather blanket. The safety pin marks the end of January.


  1. That sweater looks gorgeous! ♥ I'm intrigued by the fleece book...wanting to make wool balls for our dryer, I've been reading about putting essential oils on them, instead of dryer sheets.

    1. The book is great! Each set of two pages covers a different breed and shows a lock of fiber against a ruler.

  2. Julia,
    Oh, I do love your interests of spinning and dying, as well as knitting and reading from which we have connected on yarn along. I am hoping to find time to go back and read your spinning and dying blogs. I have been a spinner and dyer in my days and long to get back to it. I am sewing more now. There never seems to be enough time to do it all!

  3. Ooh lovely sweater, that yarn is so pretty! :)

  4. Cathy, I completely understand! I joke that I don't sleep when people ask how I get things done, but I always want to do more.