Monday, February 13, 2012

Plague plague go away.

Wednesday the first I had lots of dental work done.  I got all the kids home and went straight to bed with the pain med the dentist gave me.  I woke up hours later sick.  Very sick.  So were the kids! Sleep all day sick until Monday.  I started to feel better, except for a terrible cough, as did all the kids except Badger. By Wednesday last week she was still sick so off to the dr.  She has an upper respiratory infection with secondary eye and ear infections. She is clearly feeling better today coloring with her sister at the other end of the table.

I was scheduled to put three days in at Garfield Farm Museum for my internship.  So thinking I was on the mend and knowing my mom and husband would care for Badger, I went. I am much worse.  I had a very interesting fulfilling, and educational time, but if this doesn't ease up soon I will be seeing my dr.

So to the little black rain cloud of pain and sickness hovering above my house -- go away!