Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Yarn along - keep knitting along

Joining Ginny and the other ladies of the Yarn Along today.

 I am still working on my slightly dizzying sweater for Butterfly. She loves it. I am finding it hurts my eyes to work on for too long. The yarn is soft and well balance but the color just is not fun for me. Naturally, that makes progress slow.

 Still reading Wild Color and playing in this Yummy cookbook. We had homemade ravioli this week and for lunch the next day I pan fried the leftovers, two days of amazing. 
A good chunk of my time has gone into this I am thinking I will end up with three skeins of what I am calling Tree Butter, acorn dyed yarn. The kids had Friday and Monday off of school and we had lots of cuddles and fun.

What's in your workbasket?


  1. I think I can see how it could be hard on the eyes to work closely with that yarn, but it sure is pretty!