Friday, January 8, 2016

My intentions

aka list of resolutions. We as a culture make the list every year, most of us - enough that it is a worn threadbare joke - don't stick to them. Why? How can a idea that is so ingrained in our consciousness a "We here Resolve..." can come to mean, in general, I am going to diet for a week and clean "All the things" for awhile then slide back into terrible habits? I am guilty. I expect most people are. Well this year, I intend something different, but maybe it isn't really all that different, this year I am RESOLVED (picture me signing my name in a white wig) to change a few things.

I am resolved to take care of myself this year. In specific I mean work at losing weight and exercising more, I eat lots of healthy stuff but need to eat less and lose that bag of candy that lives in my purse. I don't mean that I am going to go crazy starve and stress until I fit some magic outfit. I am thinking more Flylady here - not that I mean I am following her plan - just that everything I do to take care of myself is a blessing (Every task you do to clean you home, even if you do it imperfectly, blesses your home and family. I am paraphrasing.) I am going to do things that help me, improve or enlighten me, and generally make myself feel loved.

I am resolved to take better care of my family and my home.

I am resolved to be a better friend.

I am resolved to spend less and to spend more mindfully.

I am resolved to write more.

I am resolved to put more of myself into my business.

I am resolved to set a better example.

I am resolved - this one will actually be the hardest - to craft for Christmas throughout the year so I am not scrambling in December.


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