Tuesday, January 19, 2016

An old project and a new one

In the interest of getting some WIPs done I pulled out my green baby blanket. I really did not like the yarn with the pattern lacy panel that looked like leaves, it made the not terribly soft but very pretty yarn kind of rough and scratchy. I decided to work on it for a week and decide then. I made it a night. I really didn't like it - not the pattern or the yarn - but the combo. When I found that I had made a mistake before it languished in my work basket, that would require me to frog back in lace... I frogged all the way back. I will not be restarting. So I am looking for a new project to just the yarn for. 

Armed with that sucess...urhm...failure. I dug once more into the pile. Out came a square for my wedding quilt. We had people sign squares instead of a guest book. For some (crazy) unknown reason I decided to embroider all the names and to had stitch the entire thing. I have been married for more than 11 years. I have slightly more than 2 rows done. So I have been stealing bits of time to work on it.
Some day I will steal some time and refinish that table!

Last night the girls and I worked together to make pickled veggies. Badger Loves pickled cauliflower. Like jumping up and down excited that she was going to get to learn hot to make it. I haven't made any homemade in a long time so I hope she likes mine - Jacques Pepin's. We had a blast making them. Both girls want to learn to cook, although Badger is more likely to want to ten minutes into doing it than her sis.
We got three quarts done last night! So the new project is working on teaching the kids to cook. Badger already knows how to make waffles. And popcorn on the stove - although she has never done it she can talk through how. And now pickled veggies. Butterfly did a great job pealing the carrots and needed only a little help chopping it.

Hope you are having fun!

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