Monday, January 4, 2016

Tiny Ones and tiny knits.

At long last I am posting this picture of the baby knits I made for my friend. Her baby is here and all is well! I caught a terrible cold over the holidays so I haven't met her yet, but hopefully, I will get down there this week. I plan on making some soup and a loaf of bread to take with me. 

I also made two of these sweaters for my sister's baby who I will call Beluga here - that is my sis' favorite animal. Little Beluga arrived in October. I got to go visit them for a while this past month. I rode the bus for 20 hours to get there. Buses are an interesting way to observe society, but not necessarily the best way to get to somewhere. I wanted her not to have to drive to a different town to pick me up and in that at least I got what I wanted. If I ever want to write a paper on how to pay to be irritated and inconvenienced I may ride the bus again. I think I'll try the train next time. My sister and family are looking to move back closer to home, which I couldn't be happier about. I cried on the way home at the thought that my nephew wouldn't know who I was the next time I see him.  Hopefully, we can use technology to circumvent that a little bit. 

Oh the sweaters... Well it seems that my thinking that my sister - who knits and crochets - would be safe to make the sweater out of wool for... yeah I neglected to consider my brother in law - who also crochets, I'll point out. He washed it. In the university's machines. I had asked my sis how they fit, she told me, while I was knitting the long white stripe one, that he had already outgrown the one. I was so worried that the sweaters I had made for my friend's baby wouldn't fit! Nope, the sweater is now sized for a doll. Maybe I will make Belgua a doll to go with his sweater! 

My younger three decorated this tree in the yard.


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