Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yarn along - fingerless magic and the weather

Joining Ginny and the other ladies at the Yarn Along!

 I am doing a Weather blanket this year, so is a friend so we have a little crochet along going on. I am using the high temp for the day so I add yesterday's temp each day. I am assigning my own color choices to each five degree block, Peacock is 25-29 degrees and Violet is 30-34. This picture is not as bright as the yarn is in person.
The week before Christmas I decided to cast on a sweater for Badger. The Monday after I finished it. It is my first Fair Isle. She loves it! It is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Seamless Fair Isle Yoke Sweater.
As I was frantically trying to get that sweater done before Christmas, my Butterfly looked at me and asked for finger-less gloves for Christmas. She was completely serious. I told her I didn't think I would get her sister's sweater done in time. She replied with complete faith, "you can do it, you always make everything." I was nearly in tears at having to dissuade my daughter from her belief that her mom could do anything. She took it completely in stride, but really wants the second glove in time for her doctor's appointment tomorrow when she get her brace off from breaking her arm. I think I can do that!
My parents got this for me for Christmas. The History of the English Speaking Peoples, The Birth of Britain by Winston Churchill, KG. Dad pointed out there are four volumes so he may have a plan... It is a very entertaining read so far. Very British, well written, arrogant, pro-civilization, and a well researched (circa 1930 though the war got in the way of him publishing until the 50's)

looking forward to seeing what is in your workbasket,


  1. It's pretty great when our children believe we can fix the world :-) Lovely knitting!

  2. Yes it is. I am so happy I finished in time to give her the second glove when the doctor said she could stop wearing the brace. Thank you!