Tuesday, January 5, 2016


a diet and exercise program. I really want to be healthier and bendier than I am. I am planning a backpacking trip with my husband and sister in law and a few friends. SIL is super healthy and in shape, and while I am certain I can hike for three miles, I am not so certain about doing carrying 40lbs on my back or enjoying any part of the rest of the trip especially not if trying to keep to the pace she sets. I don't want to worry about it and I don't want to hold the rest of the group back. I also want to be able to relax and enjoy the area, which if I am exhausted I won't. Hence the diet and exercise.

I told Beaver, he plays football and weight lifts for fun. He worked up a work out schedule for me. Cringe. So I got through the first work out and did not die. He was very sweet about only laughing at me in his head, but he is a very expressive boy and I know him well. 

That is my before picture. I hope there is a nice after or even a couple alright during pictures. (& I swear that is a stack of clean laundry!) 

Off to fold Laundry,

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