Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The list

Every year I dig out last year's list. The WIPs I did not get too, I mark off what I got done and add what I started over the year. Some years I have made great progress other years not so much. In the interest of self-esteem, this year about 3/4 of the way through I decided to make a second list. A list of all the things I did finish over the year.

This year I am going to do both.

Finished this year list will be posted each month, but here is one thing:
Doing the Fandom in Stitches block of the month patterns for the Hobbit. Actually I am doing it twice. One set for my MIL done up as place mats, one set as a quilt for my dad.

Carrying list:

7. doll
8. kilt
9. my wedding quilt
11. Keira's quilt
16. Carol's quilt
18. Sailboat.

That is what I had left on it. 

Here is the new carrying list:

  1. doll - needs hair sewn on, a face, and a dress.
  2. kilt - needs finish work and belt loops.
  3. my wedding quilt - We had guests sign squares, I decided to hand embroider all the signatures and hand stitch the whole thing. I have slightly more than two rows done.
  4. Butterfly's quilt - was suppose to be a QAL. I fell way behind, I think I have twenty of one hundred squares done.
  5. Cousin's quilt  - Needs sash, backing, and binding. Was done in lap quilt style so it is already quilted.
  6. Sailboat - I have the plans. This has been on my to do list for almost 15 years now. I will do it. Hubby has asked that I wait for cabin to be built first now. WIPs in my house are not called albatrosses they are sailboats!
  7. White cotton sweater for me. - Have to the shoulders starting at the neck.
  8. Green leaf baby blanket - may actually frog this.
  9. Sign for dad's business - likely 30 more hours.
  10. upcycle sweater - half done.
  11. drop spindle lace weight yarn. Continuing until I run out of wool.

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