Wednesday, June 1, 2011

yarn along - hats and rugs

Joining Ginny and the ladies of the yarn along this week at Small Things.  Check out what is on everyone's needles!
Mostly I have been working on hats for Japan which I posted pictures of here. 
I have to get to the pencil to finish the rug, I am at 15 inches and need 36. I have also realized I will need 6 more balls of yarn (beyond the 3 more I already had!) Shopping trip.  I have read a few novels this past week Karen Harper's The Hiding Place was gripping but mostly am reading blogs and prepping everything for my digs which will have me away from the house for a week at a time or just all day everyday.  Pre-housekeeping and planning.  My mother will be watching the children during the day most of the time, I want to make the kids each a lunch bag to take everyday.

Hope your plans and projects are going well!- Julia


  1. I like the colors of your rug...I happen to be trying to finish a rug this week too...mine has been sitting around for a while...sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you!

  2. The rug is a Christmas present. I want to have everything ready for my Grandma to take back west with her come August as I am always late mailing presents and want to surprise her!

    We are busy until the end of July then will spend the rest of the summer playing and relaxing - I hope.

  3. I love the hat pattern!! It's wonderful that you are whipping them out for Japan. I don't move very fast so I'll just hang on to the pattern until fall. Maybe 'whip' one up for home. Not nearly as noble, just realistic.

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. I plan on a few being found in birthday wrap this fall, too. I want the kids to value handmade gifts and am thinking about ways to have them make sibling presents, too.

  5. Those hats are adorable. I wish I was a fast enough knitter to donate hats. I can barely keep up with the needs of my own little family. Maybe when I have some more practice. It is definitely something I want to do.

    Come see my yarn along