Monday, May 16, 2011

Garden in progress or everything hurts.

I worked for hours in the garden on Sunday.  Tilling, digging, hauling, cleaning, moving and now it is closer to how I want it and I can hardly move today even the muscles in my fingers hurt.  I put in paths and mulched them with straw, covered the tomato/pepper bed with cardboard and mulching, planted onions and grapes, would have planted rhubarb but the garden center sold me rotten crowns, built a new bed for asparagus and planted that.  Set up the compost bins in a new spot (old one is now the new bed) and cleaned out the tool shed.
Looking north. On the left of the chives will be my herbs, tomatoes and peppers to the right.  The new location for the compost bins is along that fence.

Chives, a path and Horseradish, the onions are along the far side of the same bed as the horseradish.

Looking South.  The kid's play sets and gardens.  Soon Mouse's Morning Glories will block the view of the little house.
Asparagus Bed, edged in logs from tree trimming. 
One of the four grape plants I planted.  When I first got married I ordered six very expensive grape plants and kept them in a bucket in the garage 'while I got ready' to plant.  Yeah soon I had 6 dead expensive plants and an irritated husband.  It is a huge deal that I bought these not expensive ones and planted them, because of the past and because I have been dreaming about it for a long, long time.  

We also burned about a quarter of the brush pile.
One of the Apple trees flowering, hopefully not too mad about last week's pruning.  Hope your week promises great things for the future! - Julia

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