Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Pita Chips waiting for bean dip.
Balls of dough waiting for smoosh.
 Every Tuesday night we have a group of friends over for dinner and games.  Most of the group has known Jim for 10+ years and other than Bev I am the only wife that attends.  She only started coming about a year ago, figuring her daughter could play with our kids and she could spend an evening talking to grown-ups.  It is a great time.  When we first got married they did this twice a week and ordered take out.  I suggested that it would be cheaper for us to feed everyone than to keep ordering take-out for our growing family, and while some nights I wish I had never said that, I am sure it is still true and like cooking for people.  My husband actually does most of our cooking right now with my schooling, so nights like last night are my favorite.  He wanted to make chicken pitas, but does not bake.  I did the pitas, pita chips, bean dip and cucumber sauce, while he did everything else.  It was fun dancing around the kitchen with him in each other way but making it work.  Bev brought homemade from scratch brownies to finish the meal , and everything was perfect. Out of enough dough to make three full loaves of bread I have one pita left this morning!  
Puffy goodness

Rolled out dough resting before the really hot oven.


  1. Impressive! Do you have the recipe to share? :)

  2. Sure it is super easy bread recipe I use for making everything. I post it today.