Monday, May 16, 2011

Crafty morning.

 Ever bought something you loved only to own something you hate?  Me too.  I loved this fabric.  I bought the shirt and discovered I hated it. It didn't fit well, was not flattering, and ever bra showed with it.  So I decided to make it into dresses for the girls.  Off to a pile it went, but this morning Butterfly pouted because I would not left her wear her Easter Dress around the house and garden today.  Clearly it was time.  To the sewing room I went.  I cut the shirt on the side seams and cut off the top (of three) ruffles close to the top of the second ruffle.  That way each girl would get a ruffle.  I sewed fleece double width binding on to sandwich the seams at the tops of the new dresses (I laid the first ruffle on the back of the shirt to get the second dress) Then stitched the backs closed, checked the fit on the girls and attached straps.  Presto, an hour later I had two dresses which I love - and so do they.

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