Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yarn along - going in too many directions.

Good Morning to all the wonderful crafters at Ginny's  Yarn Along.  I join you today as a work in progress, actually as many works in progress.  I am working on Grandma's Christmas present (you can see why I started it early!) it is kind of boring and because it is three balls at once not a great take with me project, so slowly it is getting bigger.  I like it but it is dull to work on. 

The other project is a market bag I started a year ago and have frogged about 14 times.  It was beyond my skill when I started knitting it and frustrated me because just when I figured it out I would fine the mistake (usually ten or more rows back) that was causing the pattern to not work!  After the last frogging I tucked it away.  I will finish it I've started it too many time not to, and actually the pattern is making a lot more sense, coming so much easier this time.  When it is done it will be mine and I hope to feel pride in it not just have a symbol of my stubbornness.

I am reading In The Dark by Heather Graham and enjoying it but I did not notice when I picked it up in the store yesterday (shopping while irritated with Husband is not good) that it is actually two novellas by different authors.  I have not read anything by the other author so it will be surprise time.  The kids and I are still reading Little House in the Big Woods, it has been hard lately to find time when we are all home and I don't want anyone to miss a chapter.  Mouse and I are still working on Tumtum and Nutmeg which is an amazing book!  For summer reading I have a stack of serious books I want to read and will likely read a ton of novels as I have decided that come fall I am not reading fiction again to help me have more time for family, school, and crafting.  I can read a non-fiction book over the course of a few weeks reading when I have time, but a fiction book sucks me in and I have to stay with the story.  My non-fiction start for the summer is Historical Archaeology - A Comprehensive Guide for Both Amateurs and Professionals to the Techniques and Methods of Excavating Historical Sites. I have used parts for reference in the lab but never read it so here goes. 

The quilt square in the background is a project I am working on for a friend.  Her cousin was hit by a train and lost part of his leg.  He is 10.  She is requesting donations of crafted items which she is auctioning off to raise money for his medical bills.  She is setting up a blog for the auction and I will post the link as soon as it is done. 


  1. You must have your hands full with so many projects! The novella set is an interesting concept - I've never seen a diptych like that before. Happy yarn along! :)

  2. thanks for the visit - it was nice to bounce over and see what you have been working on... the project for your Grandma might be boring to work on, but looks pretty in the picture!
    I love the quilt and its colors
    Good luck finishing
    God Bless

  3. Your grandma is one lucky lady! I really like the colors :)

  4. Oh I TOTALLY know what you mean about fiction. I was a lit major but I rarely read fiction these days--only nonfiction for me.