Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garden works

I made a stupid mistake yesterday, I told the girls we would not go outside until after they cleaned up the mess they had made in the living room.  Um... yeah....I wanted to go outside, they were completely content to sit quietly in the living room playing nicely with each.  Grr... I mean it was nice but....

 As I wanted to till the garden I had to wait until Beaver came home to go out.  He helped by cleaning up the living room and watching the girls.  I got about 2/3rd of the garden tilled and the kids gardens tilled before I ran out of gas. Mouse and Butterfly planted their seeds (watermelon and cantaloupe for Mouse, Radishes and Marigolds for Butterfly) with plenty of room for more.  Badger (& hopefully I will too) will plant today.  

 This is the front yard weed area, soon to be Beaver's Garden.  There are some raspberry canes growing there already and he want more.  So we are cleaning it out, planting some more canes, some blueberries and strawberries.  Hopefully a few flowers too.  I want to find some large rocks or brick to form a boundary for the edge of this too.   

I also hope to get the kitchen garden edged in and a fence up this year.  Rocks by preference but if necessary I will just use boards, as I want to slow the grass from getting in our gardens. 

 Here are the apple and pear trees fresh from the trimming.  I sure hope we get a nice crop this year and that we did not over prune the trees. 
Monster pile of brush to burn.

How does your garden grow? - Julia

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  1. Oh I LOVE to read about other's gardens! Our weather has allowed us a little more time--nearly everything has been planted, except my tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkin. My kids each are also doing a garden (except for the baby) and theirs has not gone in yet either--we still have one more bed to build. Hopefully that will happen this weekend. 9 blueberry bushes, but nearly all were planted last year so I am not expecting much, some raspberries, and two just one year ago planted apple trees. Your garden sounds like so much fun! I love the planning stage!