Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spinning post

A quick spinning post as I haven't talked about that lately.  I got my drive and fly wheels back in the mail, with a nice new drive band and shiney new hooks!  It works, now I just need to figure out how too.  I am looking forward to having the time to practice.  Here is the view from my chair (actually I am sitting on our fireplace hearth!)  The Spinning Repair Man also altered the bobbin.  My Dad made me a new one coping the old one exactly, but had asked it I wanted the center to be so thick, thinking I could make larger amounts of yarn if it wasn't.  When it came back from the Spinning Repair Man the change had been made (no charge.)

It is the first Wednesday of the month, so hello to the Wooly Wednesday!

I am excited to be spinning again.- Julia 


  1. Lovely, you'll notice so much difference now your wheel has the right bits and pieces.
    Hope you get some practice time in now, little and often and you'll soon get the hang of it. Have fun, look forward to seeing your progress.

    Thanks for popping by for Woolly Wednesday!
    Dawn x

  2. Hooray that your wheel is all sorted. Now there's no stopping you!

  3. Julia...I stopped by for a peek after I saw your comment today ~ thanks! And how nice to see a spinner:) I was wondering what kind of wheel you have? I am a beginner with a used Ashford but I also inherited my great great grandmother's wheel from Norway and have yet to use it. I was hoping to begin once my starts are in the garden and I have room for the wheel downstairs. I'll be sure to be back. Happy Mother's Day!
    xo Jules

  4. The wheel is a saxony style, built by a german woodworker, who got an idea for a home business and took apart his wife's wheel for a project plan. He made a bunch and sold them. My wheel was originally bought for a needle-crafter by her husband, who figured that she would like one. He was wrong but she cherished the thought he had put into the present and sold it to me years after his death so she could down size houses. It was sad buying it (as excited as I was) as she was selling so much and watched us leave forlornly. I hope to make her something made with yarn made on the wheel.