Monday, May 16, 2011

To market & new diets

This Saturday we woke to go to the farmer's market and it was raining.  We had a nice time anyway, returning home with kettle corn in kid tummies, coffee in mommy's and green onions, rhubarb, Blueberry Jam and Goat's Milk soap. 

 The ducks loved the weather, and the kids loved the ducks.  This momma was not happy I was taking pictures, but never moved away.

 This momma did not know we were there, as her babies were fussing.
 Papa did and tried to distract us by hopping in and out of the water.  Wonderful.
We had been planing a fire to burn the brush and roast some marshmallows but the rain worked against us.  Also, we have put Beaver on a diet for AD/HD.  I feel that changes to his diet, some work on study skills, organization, handwriting, reading and spelling over the summer plus making sure that he spends more time running and playing than watching things will solve his mild problem. So, navigating the maze of a new diet has not been fun.  Although, we are normally a eat when you are up and hungry for breakfast family, I think he liked sitting down to breakfast as a family - I know I did.  So no store bought marshmallows.  I will be making some later this week so we can do the roasting.  Mostly, we are increasing his protein, lowering simple carbohydrates, removing dyes & processed foods (no soda, candy and gum have not been well received).  Lots more cooking from scratch, we are all following this but I am letting the other kids finish up the cereal when Beaver is at school.  Here is Butterfly helping to make buckwheat bread. 

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