Saturday, April 30, 2011

Symposium and assorted goodness.

It is done!  Perhaps that needs to be said again but frankly I just don't have the energy.  I took part in the System's Symposium for Undergraduate Research today.  I put together (first time ever using power point) a lovely little poster explaining my research since last may.  44 by 48 to sum up a year's worth of work?!?!?! 

I was super stressed out and worried about making a good impression and not having my tongue tie itself into knots.  I had to stand in front of my poster and wait for an hour answering questions and talking to people as they wandered by.  Very stressful.  Most people would not view me as shy or nervous but I was.  From what to wear to how to say any of the things I know and love about what I am and have been doing.  I picked out (thrifted) 5 outfits and made the family pick (the kids chose a bright red jacket, navy skirt and autumn colored tank) my outfit.

The hardest thing was waiting in front of the poster when there was no one to talk with as people wandered around!  I feel like I did good, and it is over.  Except, I was asked to talk to a small community group on campus next week only to find out after agreeing that the group in 100 people in the theater!  So now I have to make a presentation up.  In my head I am already thinking about trying for two posters at next years symposium.

On to the assorted goodness, some pretty things that have fed my soul this week I hope you enjoy them too!
Butterfly opening eggs.
Badger finding eggs and helping her younger cousin find them.
Halfway between my house & Everywhere live The Swans.  This year they built their nest a safer distance from the road!

Beautiful aren't they.  There is a blue heron who lives right in this area too but he is stubbornly camera shy.
My garden unfurling.

Not sure what this is other than pretty.

Blue bells.

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