Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lab day and deadlines.

Watch Fob, Silver Ring, Gear, 1929 Dime & 1909 Penny.

Just a quick post today as I am over my head in toit's today.  Ever noticed how everything always seems to be due on the same day?!  Any way I am working on a poster presentation for a Symposium at the University and spent all my lab time yesterday trying to take good clear shots of the some of the more interesting items found at the Tavern Site.  Much harder than I expected and I am mostly unhappy so more picture on Wednesday. 

Shell, glass, bone, brass and copper buttons, ladies' pin & engraved shell.

Slate Fragments and slate pencils.

Kaolin pipe fragments.

Clay & glass marbles and a doll's foot.


Whole bottle and small vial bottle.

Glass buttons, stem glass base, old olive glass, perfume stopper, blue glass reading "drug"

Shells and percussion caps.

My dad was a professional photographer when I was little, I asked him for some advice and help, and suddenly I was a little girl with him doing lighting checks in the kitchen while I ate oatmeal.  I love when my life brings me full circle.  That the advice was mostly technical and a bit over my head  added to the feeling.  Dad was always one to explain random things that came up completely and as if we where grown-ups, which explains why I understood great circle routes of navigation before I could identify all the countries in Europe!

So come Wednesday armed with more cameras and my Dad's voice in my head I shall tackle this again until then I have to get to work on the words part! 

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