Friday, April 1, 2011

What I'm about...

I am about, my family, husband, four kids, two cats, quite a few others both blood family and chosen. 
My middle two in deep thoughts.
Tray of artifacts
 I am an Archaeology student, so papers, dirt, life-ways, and broken bits of forgotten things.

I am about gardens and dreaming for a farm.

I am about crafting, knitting, quilting, candle making, spinning, and generally taken four times as long to do something with care and love than you could hope to buy it for.  I am about living intentionally, loving completely and thinking deeply.  I am about baking and making things myself, about trying to do it the old ways.  I don't just want to study from a book I want to get my hands dirty and know it.  I am passionate about people finding their paths and living their dreams and choices.

I don't really know where I am going, come along with me.  Very likely you can expect to see posts on any of the above topics, because this is my life they will be interwoven into the day and into each other.  That is all for now, I have to convince the kids to clean their rooms. 

I hope you enjoy your window into our lives.  - Julia

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