Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sewing with the kids

Sadly it is windy and rainy here.  So we made our own fun.  With help and anti-help at various points the kids and I made three stuffed animals and trimmed three fleece throws for the fairy tea party birthday party we are attending on Sunday.  They are super excited to dress up as fairies (even Beaver as he get to be an evil - but not scary - fairy.)

On the helping side the kids each choose the fabrics and did some or all of the stuffing and handed me pieces and eyes.  Mouse is learning to use the sewing machine so his help was more hands on!  I look forward to the day when we are all crafting together.  In that light I have declared that each child has to make each of their siblings a handmade Christmas present, to be done and wrapped by Thanksgiving.  Mouse is excited, Butterfly and Beaver looked worried, her at the idea of doing it herself, him at what he would get from them.  Badger asked if we could have a tree.

 Did I mention we almost finished?  Just have to hand stitch some heads.  One door-mouse by Mouse, One Zebra by Butterfly, and One Pink Elephant by Badger.  The Patterns come from a book older than me with it's pages jammed back in.  It is wonderful.  If you see a copy grab it!

On the not helping side - it snowed filling in my sewing room two nights in a row and they took the scraps and made a 'fort.'   I will be saving their scraps in a little box under the table for next time as the girls where very determined to get more scraps. 

The fort.....

Hope you had a messy fun filled day! - Julia

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