Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekends, weddings, and horses.

I hope your weekend was wonderful, fun and left your house cleaner than mine left our house! 

We had a wedding to attend this weekend.  Congratulations Sara & Chris.  It was beautiful, the bride lovely, the groom caring.  A long, long time ago I babysat for Sara.  She was one of those bright, happy kids you knew would be beautiful, she has turned out even better.  Mom and her mom are dear friends, but our lives did not mingle so much that we knew many people at the wedding.  My husband & I had a nice time, entertained by the antics of our table-mates, and even got our one dance a year in.  (He doesn't like to dance so I insist once per wedding! More because I like dancing with him than out of any great love of dancing myself)  

As I was waiting in that time after the ceremony but before the wedding gets going, I began to wish for my knitting.  Then I wondered what the appropriate thing to knit at wedding, would the market bag I was making for my daughter be okay or should I be making something delicate and fancy?   A lace shawl in an expensive handmade fiber?  Certainly not a dish cloth, but what about an afghan? 

My eldest boy with Fancy
 The non-wedding portions of the weekend included the grandparents teaching the kids a new game - pick up all the sticks in the yard.  Everyone slept well that night.  And the horse project...

selection of foods to try
 Science fair project is to test to see if horses prefer natural or processed foods. We gathered up some goodies and headed out to the farm.  He tried a variety of foods out on the horses, the funniest one where peppermints, bananas, and peanut butter.  
Apples are yummie!

Seeing such a large animal crunching on a peppermint!  The horses - who tried - the banana did this funny head nodding licking motion that was hysterical.  The peanut butter was not liked at all so much so that Whisper who managed to get some on his face wiped it off on his leg, very much like a little boy wiping food on his sleeve. 

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!  - Julia

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