Friday, April 22, 2011

The Great Math Error!

Otherwise known as 'Julia is making a quilt.'  Every time I start a large quilting project, I miscalculate something.  Once, it was a fabric shortage that after I redesigned the quilt, bought and cut new material, I discovered was not a shortage.  Or the wedding quilt fiasco of 2009, where I designed a quilted for my cousin Abbey's wedding, only to end up with enough fabric cut and sewn in stripes for 5 full sized quilts and well I let you know when I stop using the scraps for baby doll quilts (to say nothing of the extra fabric!) 

Well I have done it again.  Only this time I figured it out much earlier than normal (this may end up being a bad thing to say as there could be more, only time will tell.) I thought I could sew a square of two a week and have a log cabin quilt done for my cousin Carol's wedding in July.   Um... yeah in order to have it done in time I would have to sew a square a day!  Not a big deal really I usually crank on quilts under a deadline and get them done in the nick of time.  This was my anti-procrastination plan.  Sigh.

I have made these two and Jim pronounced the really good.  Normally he tells me I should have left a fabric out or that it clashes completely, so this was high praise!  My plan however, called for doing lots of colors, but only one per square and then arranging them like a rainbow outward from the center.  Jim then found out I was "making the best work you've ever done clash anyway..."

Which caused me to dig through my fabric stash and sort any piece big enough to cut a 1.5 inch strip from in to color piles.  Fun looking through it but mostly I trashed my workspace highlighting the need to re-organize.  Sigh.

Then I showed the squares to Mom and Dad.  Dad pronouncing them to be good work and Mom stating she agreed with Jim!  My husband is not in the hospital but he did grab his chest in jest when I told him. 

This all prompted a fabric shopping trip for more green!  

I hope your misadventures bring you luck! -Julia

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