Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend wonders.

We have a packed weekend but it felt like we had a lot of time rather than being rushed.  Beaver had a school dance, he even had a date.  He bought her ticket anyway but I don't think he had as nice of a time as he expected.  Often the reality of an event is much less than our expectations and I think my baby (I know 12 is not a baby) just learned that. 
Chicken Salad with dried cranberries and peanuts
Saturday, We had friends over for Crafting.  My husband practices his craft - cooking, while the rest of us sit at the table and work on what ever projects we have going.  The kids all run around and we have a great time.  Sarah has decided she hates all the yarn she own so she is de-cluttering by knitting it all up and then sewing the patches together for a blanket.  While I think the end product will be cheerful, she was having a hard-time with it and told me this morning she decided to follow my advice and stitch up the sides of the piece she was working on to make a purse for her daughter.  Finishing projects and working on things you like make so much difference.  Bridget spent most of the time untangling a skein of beautiful cotton and started several projects.  She normally is the one who finishes the most projects in an afternoon.  Allison finished her cross stitch baby wall hanging - so someone who knows her should have a baby as the project is beautiful.  She started another one.  I finished my market bag for Badger and worked on the one for my Craft it Forward project. (pictures on Wednesday.)

We decided to go for a family walk on Sunday.  I know better, I really do.  My husband can walk and walk and walk.  Seriously, forever.  Badger's two year old legs gave up on the way to the park but perked up for playing there.  I ended up carrying her most of the way there and the whole way back.  Jim half dragged Mouse and Butterfly for a good chunk of the way home and ended up carrying Butterfly a while.  Badger fell asleep in my arms on the way home!  It was beautiful, a perfect day, a lovely park my kids and all the others there happy, smiling, and giggling. Next, we are deciding where we are going before we leave!  Not a bad life plan...

Hope your weekend was full of joy. - Julia

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