Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yarn Along - Market bag

Joining in the Yarn Along Ginny started at Small Things.

Actually, if I am being completely honest wanting to join the Yarn Along and the once a month Wooly Wednesdays is what convinced me to finally stop toying with the idea of doing a blog and actually start.  Thanks.

On to the knitting, with the weather starting to get better (fingers crossed) I am longing for the farmer's market to open up, so I started knitting market bags.  I finished one for my Butterfly last week and the pink and yellow one in front is for my Badger, when I get them done I will start in on ones for the boys.  I was not really happy with the way the first one turned out so this one is a bit different.  I am making a larger one as part of my 'craft it forward' projects, which is shown here in the back. 

I am reading Mistress Of The Art Of Death by Ariana Franklin, only 35 pages in but really enjoying it.  It is rich in detail with out making you want to yell 'walk into the building, already!'  The next book in that stack is The Oto by William Whitman written in 1935, which is for a paper I am writing.  The last is Native American Heritage by Merwyn Garbarino and Robert Sasso, it is for a class but is very informative and engaging reading.   

Oh, and that little green birdie head peeking out from behind the stack is an idea I am stealing for my kids and I to do for grandma's and center pieces.  The project is from Julie at Honey and magic.  The girls and I made the gluey paper nest for the little birdies on Monday.

Hope you stitch fast and enjoy what you are reading.  - Julia


  1. I just completed my first market bag and am casting another on today. I think a dozen would be nice to have and take to the market. I do like the color of yours.

  2. Congrats on starting a blog! It has been life changing for me, hope its the same for you :).

  3. I've been inspired to knit some market bags since seeing all the lovely yarn along creations.
    I love the yarn you are using for yours, so Springish!

  4. More market bags! I must try some of my own. Are you using a pattern?

  5. No pattern I am just garter stitching a bottom then when I like the size picking up stitches on the other three sides and knitting around and around. I am occasionally doing a row of yarn over, knit two together, to make pretty holes. When I like the depth then I purl a row switch to smaller needles and garter a bit then bind off and do a handle. Picture of my daughter's tomorrow.