Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wooly wednesdays - yes I know it's Thursday.

From the back.
I am only just starting out learning to spin.  I bought my wheel second hand a few weeks ago.  Then hit the library for books.  I am having trouble, but there is a class being offered next month, so I will blunder on until then.  The wheel was handmade by a man looking to make some extra money. He took apart his wife's wheel and built this one.  The lady I bought it from never used it, her husband bought it for her as a gift thinking that as she did crafts and needle work she would like it.  He passed on four years ago and she is parting with things now to move to a smaller home.  She was happy to sell it but looked so sad and lonely when we left. I'd like to make her something with yarn that I've spun. 

The drive band keeps slipping off and I am having trouble getting the yarn to draft. I am also wondering it the wool I am using is not a great place to start.  I did do some work on a drop spindle my father made using the same wool so that may just be in my head.

I am spinning with the ladies at spinspiration for Wooly Wednesday. Here is what I have done so far, not much but it is a start at doing what I have been dreaming of doing for a long time now.

What are you dreaming and doing? - Julia


  1. yay! i'm new to this too. i linked to woolly wednesday on thursday, lol. happy spinning!

  2. Hi Julia, thanks for joining us over at Spinspiration - lovely to have you join our circle.
    Fantastic that you have just started your journey into spinning on a wheel, I would say just keep practising and then when you go to the class you mention you'll no doubt pick up some tips and everything will just click together.

    What is the drive band? From the photo it looks quite thick so I wonder if that's why it is slipping (just a thought) - it might be worth replacing it, or see what the class thinks when you go along.
    What's the wool and have you had it a while? Sometimes wool that's been stored a while can be harder to comb and draft. All things you will get used to.
    Look forward to seeing your progress x

    Dawn x

  3. Hi Julia, I really enjoyed reading about the history of your spinning wheel. What a wonderful idea to make something for the lady who parted with the wheel with the yarn you spin. I am sure with a few tips from the class I am sure there will be no stopping you spinnning away! I agree with Dawn that the drive band does look very thick. Also, have you experimented with turning the tension knob on your wheel? If you tighten it, it might solve the slipping problem and thus help the wool draft better.
    Wishing you a great month ahead with your spinning.
    Best wishes

  4. Thanks for the welcome! I went on an adventure today that may have solved my problems. Wisconsin Spin In. I am going to post on it in a minute or two.