Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yarn Along - Rug.

Yarning along with Ginny at Small Things, wishing you all a creative productive day.

I finished the red shawl on the loom and stitched a button on it for Badger she wore it for Easter and Butterfly wore the pink thing, I will have to get them to model later in the week.  I am still sick every time a get to feeling better it only lasts for a day or so then wham!  So not much has been done here.  Jim took the week off and it is so nice to have more time with him. 

I am working on my rug in lime stripes sugar and cream for my Grandma's for Christmas and enjoying the project even though I have avoided seed stitch before.  As for reading I am reading Kay Hooper's Blood trilogy, reading Little House in The Big Woods for the kids and reading Tumtum & Nutmeg to Mouse at bedtime.  You would not believe how much I look forward to hearing about their adventures each night!

The rug is knit with three balls at a time and they kept getting  tangled when I would stop working for awhile, so I got the idea to put them in mason jars and they had remained untangled since and I rather like the tink-tink sound knitting on this project makes. 

Soon, I will start back on to Mouse's loom sweater, the shawl showed me that one yellow loom is about right for the back of his sweater so then to halves should be about right for the front panels of the cardigan, I could just sew the arms on straight but I think I may play around with decreasing a bit to get the shape right and this time I will take notes.


  1. I just love Little House in the Big Woods! Last summer I decided to re-read all of them just because and it was so much fun! I especially enjoyed Farmer Boy. It's really full of so much information!
    I have always wanted a loom! What kind do you use and how time consuming is it in comparision to knitting?

  2. What a great idea putting the yarn in jars!! And I also LOVE the Little House in the Big Woods! X

  3. Right now I am working on circular knitting looms that I bought for the kids. Someday I want a full loom, though. The circular one is faster and the stitch is completely different.