Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sewing bee

I wanted to sit a spell and sew with the ladies at The Sewing Bee so here are a few things on my sewing table.

 This is going to be a snap bag to keep my knitting safe inside my purse and book bag.  Just as soon as I find where the broken tape measure I have been cutting up for spring steel is.  The lighter fabric is leftover from making handkerchiefs and the floral fabric came as part of a gift set of fat quarters from Jo-Ann's that Santa brought me one year in a cute cream tin, most of them have been used up but I still have a few pieces left. 

This is my forever project.  For our wedding, instead of having a guess book we had people sign squares of fabric.  I then decided to embroider over the names and then make a quilt.  I decided to stitch a nine patch then do the embroidery one square at a time, only doing the work by hand. My father made me a 10 foot long quilting frame that I want this to be the first project I make on it. So this project has been going on for 6+ years now and I hope to have it done by our 10th anniversary!  For that to happen I'd need to work on it more often.  

My cousin is getting married this summer I plan to make her a log cabin quilt.  I hope to get a square a week done minimum so you will be seeing that progress as well.  I am doing it in lap quilting style so the squares will be assembled and quilted at the same time then put together.  
What are you working on and planning? - Julia

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