Thursday, April 7, 2011

The end of things... or not.

Yesterday was a lab day!  Some days I can't wait to go in by that was not the case.  I was almost finished cataloging and had started making itemized lists from the catalog sheets this week only to discover that the other student who had been helping me had made a lot of mistakes.  It really was not totally her fault as she was way over her head and we had realized she was struggling but not how badly, she basically left off most of the information that was supposed to be collected.  I am hoping she wrote it on the item tags but that is for next week.  Having realized that instead of being almost done with this phase, I would have to go back and correct so much I was a bit depressed and frankly angry, as I had pointed out mistakes earlier on.  There were other things she could have done in the lab that would have been helpful and while not as interesting I expect she would have done well at them.  I was a bit cranky yesterday. 

4 and 1/2 shell 2-holed buttons, all from the same level! 

Then, I got in the lab and started to work. The mystery on the items took over and I found myself calm and studying the artifacts.  I managed to finish the LAST TWO acquisition numbers one with 740 items and the other with 475.  Happy dance! Happy dance! this phase is complete (we shall ignore that repair work that starts on Monday.)

The other thing that is almost all gone, the three types of jam Beaver and I made this fall.  Only three little jars where waiting on the shelf in the cellar for me this more.  This one is Mulberry - Blueberry, the mulberries where picked but the boys and they are like little pieces of candy in the jam.   We are having homemade calzones for dinner, the dough is rising on the counter and the whole world seems yummie.

The girls and I are off to the library to get some books recommended by the wonderful ladies in the Yarn Along.

Hope you have something yummie to eat today! - Julia

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