Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yarn Along Two

Waves at everyone knitting or crocheting and reading along with Ginny at Small Things.
Market bag for Craft it Forward & The Oto By William Whitman
Finished Bag!
I finished Badger's Market bag and am mostly done with the Craft it forward market bag!  I am still busily working on the paper for class on the Oto, so that is all the reading I have done this week.  I did finish Mistress of the Art of Death from Last week and loved it, very detailed, rich and interesting.

Badger showing how it works.
Hope your projects are going well can't wait to see them! - Julia


  1. Dropping by from small things - love the market bag! It's too cute!


  2. The market bag turned out great!

  3. I like the stripes in the Market Bag!

  4. Thanks, they started as use up my stash of yarn projects - I ended up having to buy more white - but I really like the bags and making them was calming unlike the new project!