Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yarn along sweater and nonfiction days.

I am knitting  with Ginny and the other wonderful ladies of the yarn along, you should join us. Hope to see what you are knitting and reading!

I put away the rainbow shimmer baby blanket of last week having almost finished the purple, as I have until March to finish.  You'll see it again, but not for a while. I have also put away fiction reading for the term but have decided audio books don't count and they help me knit faster, so I will be starting Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris this evening.  I have picked up a few non-fiction books to look at.  I am not giving up reading but I get so involved in a story that I have to finish which is not a good plan when I have course work to finish!  One More Skein 30 quick Projects to Knit, Artisan Cheese Making at Home, & Around My French Table are my three books to read right now. 

The Rainbow sweater goes on and on and on. I found that after so many quick projects and large needle projects, knitting bulky yarn on size 6 needles is the pits!  I thought a new needle might help, so I checked out a new store in town.  A friend had mentioned that the beading store she goes to - she is a jewelery maker - was expanding into carrying some yarns.  Hopefully they would have the needle I needed.  I walked into the tiny little shop and in the tiny-er little back room was a nicely arranged selection of yarns.  Not a huge selection, I'll grant you, but a nice one. Acrylic, cotton, & wool,  in various sizes, some pretty bags to carry projects in, a few books, and a selection of Knit Picks needles.  Including the size of circular cables I needed.  These are my first knit picks and I love them.  The store owner was friendly and helpful and another customer - who teaches knitting at the local technical college and will be giving some classes at the store - explained how to tighten the cables onto the needles.  I will definitely be going back and not just for the skein of yarn I think will make a wonderful blanket for my other pregnant cousin! 

The new needles have helped but I miss read the pattern, it was split across two pages oddly, so I am off pattern, it looks fine and is to the correct number of stitches.  I just have to add a few (10) rows and then I can return to the pattern for the rest.  I am upset about the mistake but I asked several people and no one can see anything wrong with the sweater and since a row is taking about 25 minutes and I have to be done by the 10/9 I have to keep going.  I hope it will be alright. 

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  1. You and I are in the same boat -- reading is being put on the back shelf due to studies. Ah well, such is the life of the scholar, yes? :)

    Oh you're such a tease for taking a break on that baby blanket! I will now be impatiently waiting for more pics.

    However I do really like the rainbow sweater!