Monday, September 12, 2011

Projects for Butterfly

I have started working on some projects for Butterfly's Birthday, other than the sweater of rainbow doom.  I am making her a sewing kit, a bag with snap tape closure (yes I started it as a knitting bag for myself,) but I had not finished it, so I added the closure and a handle. I gathered some embroidery floss, and yarn, some plastic canvas shapes and a small hoop.   I found a plastic yarn needle and a embroidery one.  I sewed her a sewing case from scraps of other projects and knit and felted a heart to hold the needles.  I want to find a small pair of snips and tuck some fabric in yet. 

I also made her a skirt from bit of this and that laying around.  The fabric in the bottom picture was a failed attempt at lining the Moses basket we used for her.  I have taken it apart and added a bottom layer to the skirt.  I can't wait for her to see it, but I have to wait, and so do you.

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