Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu planning.

The swans have gone for the season.  I think only one of the babies survived. 
 Since Jim is away for the week the cooking falls to me, I am every bit as good a cook as him but he is better at planning and I am better at the kind of menu that starts with 'I saw this recipe...' or 'what is in the house?'  He does the shopping as he does the cooking and is much better at only buying what is on the list than I am.  So I had to come up with a list for him.  I figured I'd share our menu for the week, along with a couple of pretty pictures from my drive home last night.

Lunch - tuna salad and left over cheddar puffs
Dinner - roast of beef with roasted veggies, fresh bread and a salad
Lunch - Homemade ravoli
Dinner - Whole chicken roasted with extra drumsticks, fresh bread and salad
Lunch - Tartine (can you tell I have been reading french cookbooks?!)
Dinner - Chicken salad pita
Lunch - Chicken soup
Dinner - Cream of potato soup, fresh bread and a salad.
Lunch - left over chicken in Quesadillas
Dinner - we will all eat at different places and times.

I am also starting a diet this week.  Not that this is diet food, but if I only eat sensible portions and skip candy, fruit snacks and soda I should do okay.  I am going to track calories and exercise.  I have an image in my head of what my body looks like - it is not the same one the mirror shows me - if I get those two images closer I think I will be happier in getting dressed and healthier.  

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