Friday, September 30, 2011

A trip around my kitchen and therefore my mind.

 If you were here in my kitchen this is what you would be smelling.  I am trying my hand at making my own mince meat.  The kind with only fruit. Every year we wrap sugar cookie dough - my great-great grandmother's recipe - around mince meat, apple filling and cherry filling, in addition to making cutouts.  Normally, that mincemeat comes out of a can, not this year.  This year it is coming out of a jar that I put it into, with apples from my own trees.  Picked by me and the kids.  Some day maybe even the grapes will be from my land.
 This is my entire potato harvest taken up about a quarter of the garden space and at least ten hours of my time. Most expensive potatoes ever.  They are causing me to think seriously about how my garden grows and how I grow it.  I plan to take a hard look at what I like to grow, what we actually eat, what grows well with the climate and attention I can give it, and why I want to grow it.  This 6 pounds may change a lot of things.

This is the leftovers of the cream of potato soup I made for last night.  Um, yeah... Way too Much doesn't even come close to covering it.  But it tasted good.  It still will, wish it froze well, for lunch and dinner and maybe lunch tomorrow.

 These two shots are of the candied ginger I made this week.  One with, one without flash.  I like them both.  The ginger is good, very strong, so Jim should like it.  He will be home today!!
 Some of the products of the week.  I still have about 14 pounds of apples to use and am looking for unusual recipes for them. 

It is so chili here, the wind is hard and bitter an I think it will be a fast, hard and long winter.  I am actually wearing slippers and a long sleeve sweater.  Realized last night, when Chris looked down at the sweater and said "that looks nice you make it you have plenty of time until Christmas", that I need to get moving.  On the sweater and on everything else I want to get done in time.

Hope the day finds some warmth for you, in candle, in love, in completion.  ~ Julia


  1. I love visiting you in your kitchen!

  2. I love candied ginger! I want to be in your kitchen...everything looks so yummy!

  3. The ginger turned out well, strong like my husband likes it and just in time as we both caught colds. The mincemeat looks wonderful, I doubt I will actually what until the holidays to try some.