Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas planning.

It is coming.  It is sneaking up on us.  Right now it feels so far away, while we sit in tank tops and sandals, but the chill has started.  Sweaters and tights are waking from their long summer sleep.  Christmas is coming. Yule, the season of joy or is that stress...

So the planning much begin.  Well, really I have been thinking about what I want to make for everyone for a while now.  It is just so much more real with a list, when I saw Emily's post at Today, I am... with her list of craft Christmas plans, I decided to post mine too.

Jim - no clue. He doesn't wear sweaters or a scarf.
Beaver - Pj Pants
Mouse -  Night shirts
Butterfly - sewn skirts and a knit dress
Badger - Nighties and sewn skirts. 

I feel stuck already, man this is hard...  I will make some pillowcases for everyone too and doll clothes for the girls.  Part of the problem is I am knitting everyone a sweater for their birthday (yep that's three sweaters to go before Christmas presents. 

Easier ones: (I hope)

Jess - Knit scarf in weird yarn I bought at the fair
Resee - you read this so I am not telling
Becca -
Miya -
Mom - Slippers?
Dad -
Jimsr -
Tina -
Michele -
Jeff -
Jake -

ok so much for easy.  Panic is setting in... I must get on this. So thanks Emily for showing me I was really behind. Racing off to talk to adviser about canceled class and then to clean my studio for marathon crafting.


  1. Oh my goodness you have many to craft for! Don't panic. I have faith in you and what you will accomplish!

  2. I flipped through a few crafting books and saw some ideas. I also found a bunch of old prefold diapers and I am going to serge the edges into wash cloths and cleaning rags. Not a pretty gift but a useful one.