Monday, September 19, 2011

jelly & butter everywhere

 From left to right:  Apple butter, apple jelly, mulberry jelly, carrot jam, pineapple vinegar, mulberry butter.  The large mess to my kitchen not withstanding the weekend was very productive.  I wasn't certain it would be.  I woke Saturday to the sound of glass breaking.  Badger was up looking in the fridge for strawberries, she knocked out a 64 oz glass jar of apple juice pressed for jelly.  I was not happy, glass and juice I had worked for was everywhere.  Looking back I would not have had enough sugar anyway but we picked those apples, I washed, weighted, cut (I got blisters from cutting apples) and cooked those apples.  Oh well, now I have a lot of jelly, jam and butter.  Beaver is trying to talk me into more, maybe lemon curd or this lemon zucchini - not that he eats zucchini - I may go for it but this week my remaining sugar is for coffee and maybe waffles.
Tea parties.  Badger, Butterfly, Hippy-the-Bunny, and Daddy's elbow.  I think Daddy was actually eating lunch, but the girls were certain he left work to come to tea!  My parents gave Butterfly that little ceramic tea set two years ago at least.  My dad did the shopping and mom was mad, as Butterfly was too young to play with it, this is actually the first time she got too. 


  1. Goodness you certainly have been busy. It all looks so delicious!

  2. I've even found my kitchen after that marathon. Thanks. I am hoping both that it lasts us awhile and that I did not make way too much. My cousin commented when I posted it to FB that it was overkill and eaten in moderation that was more than enough for the rest of my life. I am upset by her words which is silly because she is so thin she looks nearly as old as her mom, and I know she is always like that. I was so pleased about having stored so much only to have her make me feel bad about my weight and the amount of sugar I feed my kids, none of whom are remotely overweight.