Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday musings....

I am taking part of Monday morning musings with Nadja at patch o' dirt farm.

Right Now...  I am sitting at my kitchen table, drinking my first cup of coffee.  Beaver was just picked up from school. Mouse is awake early, he wanted to take cold lunch and woke up nearly an hour early o pack it himself.  I think he may have been trying to wake up early enough to say good bye to Daddy, but as he left at 4am, I am glad it did not happen. 

This weekend... The kids and I went to a s'mores and hot cocoa party at a old friend's house.  She is who I call when I need someone to listen to me and help me see the other person's perspective.  Likely, she is the nicest person I know.  When I am angry with someone and talk to her about it I can usually be more reasonable after.   I made some tomato jam (recipe from food in jars) with tomatoes from my garden and a friend's as my tomatoes have told me goodbye.   When I stopped by to pick up the extra's she promised the girls jumped out of the car and demanded play time with her daughter.  We had a nice bit of girl chat while the kids ran around in the yard.  Saturday, we cleaned up the house as every other weekend we have people over for board games and munchies, no one came, we had been so busy that we did not send the invite out until Friday but as we have been doing this every other weekend for 5 years we figured people would have just expected it.  Jim & I had a nice time sitting at the table reading together, him from a cookbook on curing and me the 6th book in a series I started reading at twelve.  Reading with him is fun as he argues with the book and you end up talking about the book and recipes instead of just sitting there.  Sunday, He let me sleep in with a cuddly Badger while he played a game with Mouse and Butterfly. 

Some plans for the week... Cleaning, canning applesauce, candying ginger, shampooing the carpets. I have started adding layers to skirts that fit the girls but are too short and I want to make a couple dresses into skirts as well, so hopefully I will get a bit of time to do that.  I would like to get some spinning done and work on Butterfly's sweater.  Start a diet.

If I find some time for myself...  I would still like to make some skirts for me.  I didn't get to it last week but this week is bright and shinny (raining) and new.  So maybe I will.

I am grateful for... A man who thinks I am completely nuts, but loves me anyway.  Four little monsters, as much trouble as the can be what would I do without them.  Good friends, who listen to you then help you to think. My studio to hide in and create in. 

Some prayer intentions for this week... I continue to pray for my grandmother, sister and friend's mother.  I am praying for my uncle who is having surgery today.  For my friend who has an interview for her dream job!  She will do so well at the job, she just has to get through the interview process.  I am going to try to let go of my feelings of anger, they do not serve me well and as I can do nothing to change the situation I need to let go. 

Something that makes me smile... Beaver racing up the stairs nearly an hour after being sent to bed last night to tell me that he finished his book and really enjoyed it.  Read is a bit of a struggle for him so this series, while I am tired of vampire novels for teenagers, is really great as he is reading beyond the 30 minutes a day required and really getting into the story.  I feel like a world just opened up for him.

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