Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My kitchen smells wonderful...

my hands are tired.  The kids and I picked more than 35 pounds of apples yesterday, I chopped up a third of that at dinner time and made apple sauce - I finished canning at 11:30.  My hands are mad at me and at the food mill.  I have a smaller batch going this morning.  Last night's batch yielded 4 1/2 quarts.  I also started candied ginger  for my husband.  I am also rendering fat I cut off last night's roast.  Soap-making as a diet plan.  Seriously, I have been rendering fat for awhile now, but have yet to make the soap.  All this adds up to making my kitchen smell like ginger apple doughnuts. 

On the note of dieting, it is hard to be good when you are hungry, especially when there is no reason you are hungry, and it is late at night! I did a bit of knitting but really was too tired to do well and eventually just set it done.  By the time I was actually done, I could not sleep.  Finally, got to sleep at one!  As I was back up before 6, I am dragging a bit now.

I tried out the tomato jam recipe on the roast last night.  I need more tomatoes!  So do you, the stuff is amazing.  I smeared it on the raw meat tossed it in a crock-pot with a cup of water and a chopped onion.  Added carrots, celery, and potatoes about an hour before serving and nothing else.  I did salt and pepper my plate but it was the best roast ever.  I ended up pouring some jam on my plate and dipping the meat in.  My kids thought I was nuts.  I have tucked the leftovers juice and all into the freezer and some day next week, Jim will get a surprise for lunch!


  1. Everything sounds so good! I would love to be in your kitchen right now.

  2. The ginger is all rolled in sugar and drying on trays. It is stronger and darker than store bought, but tastes good, my husband should love it.I have a pint of ginger syrup to figure out what to do with now too.