Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Musings

I decided to join Nadja at Patch o' Dirt Farm in her Monday Musings.

Right Now... I am eating a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of french onion soup.  The girls have finished eating and we are all pretending that if I let them watch Strawberry Shortcake they will fall asleep. 

This Weekend... I worked on tons of butter and jelly, did homework and got a lot further on Butterfly's sweater.  Jim will be gone all week, so he told extra time with each child, showing them their very own accounts on the household computer and playing legos.  It was cool and rainy and everyone is feels sniffly, so that is about all we did. 

Some Plans for This Week...  Jim will be gone for the first half of the week and all of next week, so I am hoping to surprise him with a clean bedroom and porch and clean out part of the garage.  Beaver has two cross country meets and a long practice so lots of the week will be moving him around.  I hope he has run and is trying his hardest.  Some progress might be seen on the mess that is closing my grandma's estate, as I have called a meeting, hopefully we can get this behind us and move on.  I am ready.  I also want to get some more canning done.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...  Look for a pattern for Beaver's requested fingerless gloves (in place of the sweater I was planning.) I would also like to make a new skirt for ME.  Then I am going to wrap it up and label it from my kids for my birthday.

I am grateful for... My friends who jump to my defense, when someone picking on me goes too far.  My family.  Cooler days, my father's abilities with wood, my kids schools, the road in front of the house, my grandmother still being alive months after they told us the cancer would take her. The apple trees abundance.

Some prayer intentions for this week...  My grandmother. Healing for my mother, sister, for a friend's mother, and for my cousin.  For jobs for some friends.  Patience for all of them and for myself.  I'd really like to get everyone into a more thoughtful and meaningful routine. 

Something that makes me smile... My little girls dancing on the apple pulp to press the juice out.  I really want dad to make me an apple press, but the girl carefully moving around on the ice cream lid I put on the wrapped up pulp is a wonderful imagine.  I was too busy holding them steady to take picture though.


  1. Good luck to Beaver this week. And good luck to you with all you wish to accomplish. Hope your husband has safe travels.

  2. Thanks, I could not get to his first race as the time clashed with picking up his brother and driving there. I am making head-way on the projects, but as I am going for everything at once it is very disorganized here.

    I am getting a bit worried as I haven't heard from him yet. We did this for nearly two years, him gone for a week home for the weekend gone for another then home for two, but have not had too in almost a year. I am out of practice and nearly locked myself out earlier.