Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yarn along - it's done! - almost...

 Yarn-ing along with Ginny & if you love to read and knit you should head on over and check out all the interesting projects and books.

I finished, well mostly.  I have to buy and sew on 9 buttons, then I am finished with Butterfly's sweater.  She is over the moon.  It will fit for a long while as it is a 6 and she is a 4-5, but should be great over another shirt.  Remember the gray loom project, I have brought it back out for the week.  It will be mouse's birthday sweater, but Beaver's birthday is first.  I bought the yarn for that and another very pretty it just had to come home with me yarn at my local yarn shop last night.  She did not have the size 4 dpn I needed for his fingerless gloves, but should get them in by Friday, so I am waiting on starting that until the weekend.  Until then I have to figure out what I am doing with the gray for Mouse.  I know I don't have enough of the gray I used for the sleeves so he picked out the other yarn, I am not sure how I will put them together.  Especially with the sleeves being solid gray.  I am think about stripes.  Horizontal stripes make more sense as I can space them out a lot and use the gray sparingly to make certain I have enough, but I like the idea of vertical ones better. Opinions?

I am reading American Terrior and loving it!  It talks in detail about local specialty product across (mostly) North America, a chapter on each.  Maple syrup, honey, oysters, potatoes, foraging, apples, it talks about how the location and attention to detail impact each food item.  Very interesting.  I must confess I am looking at the trees I pass now wishing I had one sugar maple at least to try making maple syrup.


  1. The sweater is so pretty--love the colors! American Terroir sounds really interesting, I'm going to put it on my to-read list.


  2. Don't you just love yarns that insist on coming home with you? :)

  3. Susan, I am just so happy to be done with the sweater. I bought tiny white bunny buttons for it. Butterfly does not go anywhere without at least two stuffed bunnies!

  4. Emily,
    I sure do. I should take a picture and show you it. A skein of purple followed me home yesterday when I went for the bunny buttons. Sneaky yarn.

  5. Lovely cardi. The colour scheme is amazing!
    Worse than the yarn that comes home with you is the yarn that clicks the bid button all by itself on ebay. Have you hd any of that yet?

  6. Becks,
    Nope I have not have that kind yet. Of course I really don't go to ebay often, so that might be why.