Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Musings...

Joining Nadja at Patch O Dirt Farm for Monday Musings.

Right Now... It is nearly 10am.  The boys are at school, the husband is at work (he works from home now so really he is at the far side of the house - I really like that)  the girls are watching a princess movie surrounded with leftover balloons grandma brought for Butterfly's birthday party.  Still on my first cup of coffee, but all the party dishes are done - or in machine now - and I have what I think are the last of the tomatoes from the garden roasting in the oven.

This weekend... We did a lot of house cleaning to prep for the party.  The kids rooms are clean! Even post party the house feels great.  Beaver was is a rare helpful mood on Saturday and cleaned the ceiling fans and dusted.  Then a few friends came over for board games, their daughter played with our kids and everyone had a nice time. Late in the evening another friend came with her gentleman caller (her joke not mine), things seem serious between them.  I am happy she is happy, but some little bell goes off in the back of my head every time I see him.  There is nothing wrong with him that I can name.  He seems nice and appears to care for her.  I want to believe it is just that she has been on her own so long - most of the ten years I've known her - that my brain thinks it is weird her her to be with someone.  She is a wonderful caring person and deserves so much happiness. 

Sunday was Butterfly's birthday.  She loved everything. her pink cake, the balloons, her friends and family, the present made and bought.  She is such a delight and it is weird to think my girl is five!

Some Plans for this week...  I am doing some canning today, preserved lemons, apple walnut conserve, spiced apples, and ginger apple preserves.  Tomorrow we have a play date, hopefully we will be able to be outside! It is the last meet of Beaver's cross country season.  I am also hoping to get to a knitting group event that evening.  Wednesday is Beaver's cross county banquet and I am going to dig up the horseradish and make horseradish sauce to go with the ham my husband is making.  Thursday our gaming group comes over for dinner.  Friday I think we will be celebrating Butterfly's birthday with my parents as they both had a bad cold this weekend and could not come to the party.  Saturday Resee will be coming over and we will be mod-podgying her wedding centerpieces.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to... I would like to get very organized about my Christmas present planning, as I want to make almost everything we are giving I need to get down to business.  Still hoping to find time to make myself a skirt for my birthday.  I have four or five different materials I bought to make myself a skirt.  So maybe this week...

I am grateful for... my sister in law.  She gave me a great inexpensive idea on building a apple press.  My five year old butterfly!

Some prayer intentions for the week...  I want to pray to let go of my anger at my parents, it serves no purpose and only gets it the way.  I will be praying for my grandma, sister, a friend's mother, a friend getting a job she would love and be wonderful at, a friend's health improving and maybe a baby, a friend's foster situation.

Something that makes me smile... one of Butterfly's birthday presents was a box of costumes from grandma and some more costumes from her aunt.  All the kids (my four, my sister in law's two, and friend's daughter) all wearing a different costume dancing around the room.  That would be a miner, a knight, a solider, a doctor, a cowgirl, a hula dancer, and a fireman.

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