Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yarn along

Butterfly in her sweater.  Tiny Bunny buttons totally make it.
Mouse's sweater, it looks small - it fits but does not meet in the front - I am going to knit a border about 3 inches on either side in the front but not in the neck at all, then add the request zipper.  I will be making more of these with a few changes.  More on that later.  My sister may think using a loom is cheating I think I made a sweater in three days.

I started this flouncy scarf on Sunday evening and it took maybe four hours total.  It will be a Christmas present for my sister.  She knits so it had to be something weird and has MS, so she is not comfortable with anything heavy on her neck, very light weight.  I am not certain I liked the yarn but hopefully she will like the scarf.

Cowl for husband young cousin for Christmas.  It is actually grape in color. 

I am reading American Terrior still and can't recommend it enough.  The chapter where he compares modern wine to a pole dance, is amazing.  I did start back in on fiction too and am reading the Sign of Seven trilogy by Nora Roberts, again.  I really like the characters, just a nice good versus evil story.  Still fighting a cold that seems to have settled permanently in my lungs and every time I take the kids outside to enjoy the Indian summer we are having I break out in hives.   Starting to wonder it I am allergic to the sun.  So I am trying to keep my hands too busy to scratch. 

I am knitting with the inspirational ladies of the yarn along, check out what everyone is working on and reading at Small Things.


  1. I have a sun allergy! Never had issues before this year, but just having my arm on the window of my car while driving and I break out in blisters. It's so freaky! They say it's common for those in states that have four seasons. Guess it's our poor winter skins adjusting to the sun? ;)

    I do so love bunny buttons. Great job on your projects!

  2. I spent 8 weeks straight in the sun this summer. Only the last couple of weeks am I having problems. I go outside, I break out in itchy hives everywhere. Even the next day I am patchy and itchy. The first couple of days I thought oh something scratched me in the garden, the weird thing is the hives are in the same places each time.

    Thanks I am having a lot of fun.

  3. You've put me to shame... I really need to get busy! It's all wonderful, and I've never seen anything quite like the flouncy scarf. I'm sure it will be a hit.

    Blessings, Debbie